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For now emulator cores that appear in the `Retro Games` menu in the launcher are listed. In the future, add all cores that known to run properly or not.


  • Compatible: Works perfectly without issues
  • Works: Works but it could be better
  • Incompatible: Doesn't work yet for some reasons
  • Needs GPU drivers: 3D games run too slowly without hardware acceleration.
Emulator Core Console Compatibility Remarks
MAME Arcade Compatible
Nestopia NES Compatible
Snes9x SNES Compatible
mGBA GB, GBC, GBA Compatible
gbSP GBA Compatible
Gearsystem Master System, Game Gear Compatible
blueMSX MSX, ColecoVision Compatible
handy Lynx Compatible
Fuse ZX Spectrum Compatible

Standalone emulators

For now the instructions are linked to the forum post. In the future, we should put the instructions in the wiki page of the emulator.

Emulator Console Compatibility Instructions
Ohboy GB, GBC Compatible Forum
mGBA GB, GBC, GBA Compatible Forum
gpSP GBA Compatible Forum Forum
FCEUX NES Compatible Forum
PocketSNES SNES Compatible Forum
PicoDrive Genesis/MD Compatible Forum
Mupen64 N64 Works Needs special instructions Forum Forum
PCSX PS1 Compatible Forum
UAE Amiga Compatible Forum