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The fresh material can be utilized on common direct thermal printers

German self-adhesive materials practitioner VPF features added 1470579 azure clean 75 g/m2, the latest chemical-free Thermal Labels, to it is portfolio. The merchandise is suitable being an adhesive materials for lead food phone.

Consumers are already familiar using blue energy paper by retailers. In most supermarkets, the revolutionary eco-receipts usually are increasingly replacing the previous white versions to use more lasting paper.

The brand new material can be utilized on popular direct thermal printers in addition to, in evaluation to previous paper supplier, is unencumbered with chemical web developers. It is known for a four-layer shape and involves plain paper, a charcoal pigment level, an opaque dependable layer this creates the blue coloring belonging to the paper, including a protective level against mechanised damage. The particular printed image is made physically: the particular opaque core becomes transparent when open to heating and tends to make the main black core visible.

The Thermal Paper blue clear is approved for immediate food contact and offers excellent printability, level of resistance, legibility plus durability. The printing image can be long-lasting for at least 35 years without fading. The brand new product can be bought with quite a few permanent and also removable adhesives.