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* [[Launcher]] - The launcher of games and apps in GameShell
* [[Launcher]] - The launcher of games and apps in GameShell
* [[Warehouse]] - A library of games developed in [[GameShell Jams]]
* [[Warehouse]] - A library of games developed in [[GameShell Jams]]
* [[Compatible emulators]] - NES, SNES, Genesis/MD, PS1, you name it!
* [[Compatible game engines]] - Pygame, LÖVE2D, Pico-8, Tic-80...
* [[Compatible games]] - List of standalone games such as CaveStory, ChocoDM.
== Community ==
== Community ==

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Welcome to the GameShell community wiki!

What is GameShell?

GameShell is an open source portable game console made by ClockworkPi after a successful Kickstarter campaign in 2018.

Getting started

  • Assembly - Follow the assembly manual came with GameShell to assemble the parts.
  • SSH - Connect GameShell with you computer for transferring files and configurations.
  • Emulators - How to configure your emulators and how to add ROMs.
  • Pico-8 - How to install Pico-8, a cute fantasy console on your GameShell.
  • Troubleshooting - Launcher not loading? Cannot connect to WiFi? Check here for solutions to common problems.
  • Glossary - Learn the jargons!
  • Linux resources - New to Linux? Don't panic!


  • Hardware Info - Information about GameShell's mainboard, screen, battery, keypad, speaker and Lightkey module
  • GPIO - Interact with the real world with General Purpose Input/Output lines!
  • 3D Model - 3D models of GameShell parts for 3D printing, including community designed custom parts.
  • Bluetooth - Connect other devices using bluetooth